Trucking in Europe, Russia, CIS

We truck your cargo quickly and easily

Each of us at least once in life had to think about: how to ship some goods to another city or even to another country. Therefore, this question is well known for its complexity. After all, it is necessary to find the right car, the driver, and, which is the really important - the most reasonable price that could make your shipping very economical.

Residents or guests of such a wonderful city as Prague, can solve the above problems using special trucking services. So, our service will provide reliable cars and trucks as well as help to carry any cargo to Russia or any other CIS countries and Europe.

This is a unique service, because it is almost impossible to find a private driver who would help to transport goods to other countries. And even if such a driver where available, then the shipping price obviously would not be very pleasant for the client. We also offer fast and reliable shipping at the most affordable prices, optimally combined with the quality of work.

The following transportation services are offered:

  • reliable trucks that can provide hundred percent safe transportation;
  • experienced drivers which are familiar with all sorts of transportation routes;
  • reasonable prices, combined with the best quality of service;
  • good service, making the cooperation not only beneficial, but really enjoyable.

Deciding to use the services of our taxi service in Prague, make sure you step on the path to success! After all, our experts will help you realize all your plans, which will significantly save time and money.


Given the specificity of this service, the price for it is contracted. It depends on many factors: the characteristics of the goods, the country of destination, the conditions of carriage, etc. In order to discuss all the details please contact us (use any of the following ways on the Contact page).