Car rent in Prague

While planning a trip to another city or country, we don’t usually dare to bring our own car with us. This is very, very inconvenient, although it’s much easier to go by your own car, and not to use public transport. Nowadays numerous taxi services offer a unique opportunity to rent a car!

When arriving in Prague, you can always count on reliable and comfortable transportation. Renting a car will significantly help you to save some time, because when you plan everything yourself like: where to go, what to see and what to do, you can perfectly arrange your day. Car-rental service is indispensable for those tourists who prefer to personally see all the sights of the city or country.

What is advantageous when using car rental services?

  • You can always rent the most suitable car for you!
  • The most comfortable modern cars will make your travel around the country the really enjoyable and cool.
  • The delivery of the ordered transport to any convenient for the customer location is possible. Also, to return the car, you don’t need to go to the original location. You can just negotiate with the service provider of such services, and for some fee, you can get a solution concerning the delivery and return of the rented cars.
  • To facilitate your trip in an unfamiliar area, you can order a car with installed navigation, clearly indicating the correct direction.
  • The proposed car rental prices are consistent with the quality of services provided, and are really affordable today.

Through a series of undoubted advantages car rental service involves a permanent demand among its consumers, making the trip to Prague and the Czech Republic really enjoyable and comfortable.

Price of rental car in Prague

Car brand Picture Daily cost of a car On-line
CZK Euro
Škoda Superb Škoda Superb 1400 56 Order
Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla 1000 40 Order
Chevrolet Aveo Chevrolet Aveo 1000 40 Order
Ford Mondeo Ford Mondeo 1000 40 Order
Škoda Fabia Škoda Fabia 900 36 Order

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