Taxi in Prague

Taxi service in Prague

Contemporary residents and visitors of this city can avail of our reasonable inexpensive taxi service. It is easy and safe to get from point to point around the city with the help of a good taxi service. When you come to a city which is not familiar to you, the first thing you will need is a reliable taxi service to take you from the airport. Taxi Premier in Prague can become a reliable and safe assistant for you during your unforgettable journey to this wonderful city. You can always be sure that the ordered cars will arrive as soon as possible and will take you to any point in the city specified by you. Taxi services in Prague involve transfers from the airport, train stations and many other opportunities connected to moving around the city.

The advantages of a taxi in Prague

If you are looking for inexpensive taxi which can provide high quality service at the reasonable price, our taxi service in Prague is exactly what you need. There are some evident advantages, that a taxi service in Prague has:

  • The proposed rates for a taxi in Prague will definitely surprise each customer. After all, high quality service and reasonable prices are a really pleasant surprise in an unfamiliar city.
  • A unique opportunity to call a taxi at any time of the day makes you forget about the likely delay and troubles associated with your order.
  • Fleet taxi in Prague provides exceptionally modern and comfortable vehicles, producing a perfect impression on customers.
  • Experienced drivers will be able to take you anywhere. Excellent knowledge of urban roads will help to avoid delays in traffic situation.
  • You can pre-book a taxi in the knowledge there will be someone from our company ready to meet all your needs, personal and luggage transport to your hotel safely and professionally. Our taxi service in Prague will make a good solution to all those questions.

All these advantages make the inevitable use of a taxi service pleasant and enjoyable for each customer. Our taxi service in Prague is the best solution for everyone!

Prices for a taxi in Prague

  • Seat – 30 CZK (€1,19)
  • Price per one km – 17 CZK (€0,67)
  • Waiting time – 5 CZK/minute (€0,2)

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