Tours around Europe

Make your travel around Europe advantageous and comfortable

Coming to a new country rich in history, no-one can resist the temptation to arrange a small tour to learn some more new and interesting information. It does not matter for what purpose you came here, whether it is a business trip or a business meeting, a visit of a friend or just a tour around famous European cities. So, an unforgettable trip to Prague and a small supply of free time will give you a lot of impressions connected with plenty of historical and cultural attractions of the Czech Republic.

Also, hardly anyone would refuse to visit those nearby cities as Dresden, Berlin, Vienna, the capital of France or the seducer of the hearts of tourists – the city of Venice. But making such trips on their own is extremely difficult. After all, not really knowing how to get into this or that city, you'll spend a lot of time and will not be able to fully enjoy what you see. You'll always miss your bus, train or even your airplane! To solve such problems and make your trip a truly memorable one, an excellent service offered by taxi service in Prague is there. We can provide the most comfortable and perfectly working cars with experienced drivers who can take you to any city in Europe.

By using this service you can:

  • visit many European cities, fully enjoying their beauty;
  • not think about the problems associated with transport. Just “charge” with positive energy and go travelling;
  • get acquainted with the history and culture of many European capitals and big cities in the shortest time;
  • at a very affordable price you will receive the highest level of service quality.

European tours with our drivers - it is new and demanded service among the customers! After all, the thirst for travel is not alien to anyone.


Destination Cost per machine On-line
CZK Euro
Dresden 5091 204 Order
Munich 9454 378 Order
Nuremberg 7273 291 Order
Berlin 9091 364 Order
Vienna 8000 320 Order
Paris 21818 873 Order
Venice 21818 873 Order
Shopping at the factory "Hugo Boss" 10909 436 Order

*Prices are per one car, with a capacity of 8 persons. To book a trip to one of the cities, please fill in the application form.